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Client Testimonials

Dear Shaving Gallery, thank you for your great service. I came in this morning to refill my Dad’s supply (he lives in MD) and was given an even better deal than I expected. You make every visit to your store worthwhile. From the great customer care to the quality products, every visit is a pleasure. Even just to spend a few minutes among the wonderful scents seems to put me at ease. Perhaps some day soon I will give myself the “day off” from my morning routine and drop by for a shave.

With appreciation,

A shave is the one thing I do for myself, it allows me to turn off the phone, not check email and relax. Even if it is an hour, it’s my time. Not to mention my skin never looked so good.

- William

I’ve been using The Shaving Gallery products for about eight months now. It’s very good—different from anything I’ve used in the past. I used to use a men’s shave care line that irritated my skin and gave me a rash. The Shaving Gallery products don’t.

I’m from Pennsylvania and a guy I knew always used to tell me I had to try a hot towel shave. So I had one at The Shaving Gallery. I thought, “Wow, this is pretty neat.”

I use the pre-shave gel when It’s cold outside and I’m going out in the wind to play golf. What I do is I like to put it on—a lot of it—so my face doesn’t chap. It works great to protect the skin, whether you shave after you put it on or not. Also, the after-shave gel puts a nice glow on your face.

- Mike Fortney

Before I found The Shaving Gallery, I hated to shave. They helped me understand why I was getting razor rash and what I could do about it. Now I look forward to spending 15 minutes each morning mentally and physically preparing for my day. I love the clean fresh smell of the shave lather as I lather up. It’s like my face is getting a mini massage. I barely feel the razor on my skin yet I’ve never had such a close shave. People that have known me for years say I’ve never looked so good.

- Greg Elliott

The main thing I like, as much as anything, is The Shaving Gallery’s moisturizer. I have really sensitive skin, and before I started using their products, my skin would get really dry and I’d have blotchy spots. Ever since I started using the product I have had no problems. Everybody—my wife and my friends—have noticed a difference. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to follow the steps—and that’s a big thing with me. I don’t want to have a convoluted routine in the morning; I want something really quick. I’m a no-frills kind of guy who’s not interested in primping. I just want to take care of my skin.

- Richard Davenport

In October 2005, I stopped by The Shaving Gallery store and was given a quick demonstration on the back of my hand. Once home in Murfreesboro and shaving Friday morning I was completely convinced that it was the best shave ever. I’ve been shaving every day since I was 12—I am 55 now. I’ve tried everything from Noxema in a can to Clinique from department stores. Nothing compares. THANK YOU. I have bought a shave set for my son-in-law and told umpteen friends at parties. When everyone was talking about what to get for Christmas gifts, I recommended The Shaving Gallery to all the women I know who really wanted to impress the men in their lives. My wife actually makes fun of me now because I like to get up early to shave!

- Steve Baughman

I want to say that I hate to shave! I have always hated to shave. In my years following high school I enlisted into the U.S. Army, and thus began the loathing of each coming day, or at least every morning. As a soldier you are required to be clean-shaven EVERY day.

On Valentine’s Day 2004, I learned that a good shave involves both technique and doing it the proper way. I will say that while I don’t actually look forward to shaving daily, now I find it somewhat enjoyable. Working in television now, I have to be clean-shaven yet again, but now that I know how to do it properly, I don’t have the familiar burning sensation or itching that I had become accustomed to. I want to thank The Shaving Gallery for an enjoyable experience and for showing me how to shave properly and having the patience to put up with me.

- Gary Ainsworth

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was telling me about this shaving system and he was very excited about it for himself. He said he had noticed a remarkable change in his skin. He said the products had no harmful ingredients; everything was natural. He believed that this product would change the way people shaved. So after a while, I went to see it for myself. I had a hot lather shave at The Shaving Gallery. It was very pleasant, and I was very impressed, so I bought a starter kit with a brush, soap, pre-shave gel and after-shave gel—the whole four-step program.

Before this, I had been using shaving foam that I bought in the supermarket. I kept telling my friend, “These other things are so convenient!” But then I started using The Shaving Gallery system. Now I’m hooked on it completely. People may think that it will take a long time because of the extra steps, but after you stick with it for a week and you start changing your shaving habits, it becomes so easy. I actually look forward to shaving before work.

My skin looks much younger, and It’s not dry. It’s working very well. I will continue to shave with this product.

- Raj Singh

I have been shaving for over 60 years and until I met the Dr. Shave I did not know I was doing it wrong!

Since using the Shaving Gallery system I now enjoy shaving and actually look forward to it my morning shave. I am hooked and plan to be a loyal customer.

- John
Raleigh, NC

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