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  • Save your money and extend the life of your razor blade
  • Simply place your razor on the EverBlade stand.
  • EverBlade repels rust and corrosion that dull your razor.
  • It works with all razor blades on the market.
  • Requires, No batteries, No electricity, No maintenance.
  • Razor blades stay sharp 4 to 8 times longer using EverBlade.


1.       Place a brand new razor on the EverBlade stand.

2.       Allow the razor to sit for 24 hours between uses.

3.       Pre Shave, Lather, Shave and After Shave as you prefer.

4.       Rinse, pat your razor dry and place it back on the EverBlade stand.

 *Works with all razor blade products made by Gillette, Schick, Bic or any of your favorite razor manufacturers.


What is an EverBlade is exactly? How does it work? Do I really need one?

 The EverBlade is a very simple item. It’s so simple in fact that at first glance it may cause you some concern that it’s even doing it’s job. But a little time will clear the air for you and you’ll be extremely satisfied with what a great job this little device will do for your morning shave, your blade and your wallet.

The EverBlade is a stand for your razor. When you are done shaving you simply put your blade on the EverBlade stand and go on to enjoy your day. Inside of this stand is a series of specifically designed copper plates. Your razor blade will rest on the face of the copper plate while you are not using it. During the time between each shave the copper plates inside of the EverBlade create a mild energy field to repel rust and corrosion from your razor blade. This keeps your blade sharp much longer than it would without using the EverBlade.

It is extremely important to have a sharp blade in order to get a great shave – plain and simple.   If you are not using a sharp blade each time you shave, chances are that you’re not going to get a good shave let alone the shave of your life. Nearly every shaving problem, ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts, razor burn or rash, etc. can be drastically reduced and in most cases completely eliminated just by using a sharp blade consistently.

So, in order to make sure that you have a sharp blade there are couple things that you can do. One option is that you can always start with a brand new blade each time to you shave. The razor blade companies have made it very easy for us to throw away our blades and buy new ones, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Except that these blades are getting quite expensive. Some of the disposable cartridge packs are now reaching the $15.00 mark – yikes! And most of that money seems to be put into the packaging for these high dollar gems, which really is a lot of unnecessary waste, especially if you’re going to be buying one everyday and throwing it out.

The other option is to sharpen the blades. Now, that’s a good idea, but why aren’t razor blade sharpeners common place on the market? Well there are even though they’re a bit hard to find. The main issue with the recent razor blade sharpeners is that they don’t work particularly well with multi-blade cartridges, which nearly everyone uses.   If they do work they are not consistent and they require batteries often times that have to be replaced regularly. The cost of replacing batteries takes away any savings you would get from not buying so many razor blades. Others require you to learn a new technique for sharpening the blade. Both of these options require you to spend extra time in the morning sharpening the razors. I’m sure that you can think of other things to do in the morning besides sharpening your razor blade.

The EverBlade on the other hand doesn’t require any batteries, plugging it in anywhere, learning a new technique, spending any extra money or taking up extra time in the morning. It keeps razor blades sharp just buy setting them on the stand.

How does EverBlade work?

There are a couple of reasons why this works. First of all, the edge of a razor blade is extremely fine. This makes it extremely vulnerable to random debris.   Maintaining a nice fine edge on a razor blade is extremely difficult. We all know how much work it takes to keep things in general clean and free of debris and the smaller and finer the area the more difficult it can be, the edge of a razor blade is no different. In addition to this nearly every razor blade is coated in chromium to give it a nice high shine. This combined with the other metals in the blade become slightly magnetized when the blade is sharpened at the factory. Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because this magnetism is enough to attract small particles to the edge of the blade. As these particles collect on the edge of the blade they give the impression that the blade is dull, when in fact, your sharp blade is simply being covered by small particles that collect from the water and shaving products that you use. If these particles were not to collect on the blade you would experience a much longer blade life. So, for quite some time you do not need to sharpen your blade because the fact is it’s not dull. The blade is perfectly fine except that it has a build up of particles on it preventing the cutting edge to work properly. What the EverBlade does is create an energy field to neutralize this magnetism.  Once this occurs the particles no longer attach themselves to the blade. Thus you experience the full life of the blade. Only after you are no longer satisfied with your blade after using the EverBlade would you want to actually sharpen the blade. The top manufacturers of razor blades on the market today have made extremely good blades and will last quite a long time depending on the thickness of your hair and how often you shave you will experience an increase in the life of your blade by using EverBlade. We are so confident in this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked.

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