Did you know that 30% of our clients are actually women?  I never meant for it to go this way but as it turns out, women shave over two thirds of their body at least 3 days a week and also enjoy a no-nonsense approach to practical, non-toxic skin care!

While we don’t actively pursue women as possible clients, they usually learn about our facial services while picking up supplies or gift cards for their men.  They love the idea that they can share the same skin care facility as their man without him getting all weird and territorial about it.  In fact, these days we spend so little time with our Partners it’s nice to know we can share pleasure and relaxation without either party having to do anything but lie there. 

It’s not an uncommon sight to see hubby in one shave chair all lathered up and his bride relaxing in the chair next to him getting a hydrating or deep cleansing facial. I don’t recommend this as a first date due to possible hair malfunctions and the absence of makeup, but it’s the perfect date for you and the ol’ man.

Only about 5% of our women clients receive regular hair removal through cartridge razor shaving as part of their facial treatment. In most cases it is used as a way to even out skin tone, aid in the rapid detoxification of congested skin and reduce scarring caused by symptoms of acne.  While we’re not set up to shave anything other than the face, leg shaving lessons and other useful tips and advice for shaving more “private” bits and pieces is readily taught.  Particularly for those women who experience painful ingrown hairs, razor rash and dry flaky skin after shaving.  While some of the shaving techniques differ slightly to adapt to the body parts in question, the rules for adequate preparation and the importance of using biologically-appropriate ingredients remain the same.

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